Hi this is Astrid!

Growing up in a traditional Mexican Family where my dad was the strict breadwinner and my mother a housewife, the inequalities between genders was made very clear to my mind. My first reaction, was to simply question why? But that was never enough. Reading stories about Amelia Earheart and Eleanor Roosevelt always made me hungry to follow their footsteps…to be an independent woman. To me this is what Feminism meant to me. Not the feminists many people can envision burning their bras in trashcans or moping around about how unfair society is towards women. I was and still am my own type of feminist.

Hearing at a young age about the rules and regulations of how a woman should act, look like, and do as a profession somewhat aggravated me and gave me a sense of rebellion to prove society wrong. But don’t get me wrong I love the perks that come along with being a girl: the clothes…the glitter…the fashion magazines. However, life is more than just the material things in life.

In my life, I very much look up at the word “feminism” as a word of encouragement to remind me that there is more than life than just staying home and cooking all day. For this reason, I have set up this blog in hopes to show and see for myself the several empowering influences and portrayals society has to offer and influence us. As for those influences that are unfavorable—don’t worry! As long as we are aware of them and cautious about them, we wont have to worry to get caught up in their negative messes and stereotypes.  This blog is place to show how we are unique and that we don’t take no for an answer!


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