Sasha Fierce Aproves the F Word

September 28, 2014 astridmartin1116

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It’s a Sunday night when the all mighty Beyoncé struts her stuff on the Video Music Awards. Stain glass outfit, spotless appearance, and a voice that has often been compared to the angels above. The moment her performance ends, all we can see is her silhouette and the word FEMINISM lit up in ultra bright lights… The only time it’s appropriate to upstage the queen herself

What is this term?

Why is it so essential that it’s worthy of such glorified lighting?

Feminist: a person who believes in the social political and economic equality of the sexes.

Well if you ask me, a college student a semester away from entering the real world, feminism is an important empowering tool. It’s an opportunity to put some control in my life, not to mention a great foundation for killer confidence.

In a definition standpoint, it’s hard to disapprove such a movement that only wants great things in our society: A right to control our own paths, our bodies, and equal worth in the career world. Sadly there is a negative stigma that forces celebrities, Beyoncé being one of them in the past, to move away from the term.

However present day feminism shouldn’t be scary. Growing up in a liberal city like Santa Monica, feminism was actually encouraged. It all depended on the definition I set myself.

In this blog, I shall travel through the world of entertainment and showcase the everlasting  changes of female empowerment. The entertainment world is rapidly changing. Simply seeing the multiple female performances at the VMA’s, women are quickly becoming an influential role in our society. Every note, fashion statement, and career decision will ultimately influence millions of people. It only seem right with the help of feminism that they choose to own their own brand rather have the society control them.


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