The Finish Line: A Time to Reflect

December 9, 2011 astridmartin1116

With the semester finally coming to an end, I finally sit back and look at the work I have done as whole in my blog.  From the start all the way to the end, I have tried to view my blog as a place where I can express my thoughts about feminism and pop culture—yes two very different topics that usually do not go well together. One of he largest problems that plague this country is low self-esteem in women, especially in a world where entertainment plays such a large part of our lives. For this reason, I felt that it was essential to highlight the benefits of feminism by giving words of encouragement of how women can use pop culture to their advantage as a means of improving their perception of themselves, rather than hurting them.  Essentially, this was the purpose I had in mind as I continued through my blog, but how well did I achieve my purpose that is the question? Although there were several, posts where I offered a fruitful number of how feminism improves women’s lives, I must admit it took several posts for me to perfect this.

By the time I was three posts in, I realized I centered too much around the negative aspects of the media, instead of the positive portrayals of women and examples of feminists in the media. That is how I decided to analyze Belle’s feministic qualities in Beauty and the Beast. Ever since then, I have viewed my blog as a great balance between both positive and negatives aspects media influence has on women as a whole.

As for the rhetorical choices I created through out my blog posts, I tried to make this assignment as un-intdimidating as possible for both me (the writer) and readers alike. The way I tried to accomplish this was through my conversational tone of voice and fun pieces of media. This is also another reason why I chose the background I have today. The use of bright hues of pink and images of blooming flowers offered not only a fresh and friendly tone, but also provided a welcoming environment. In addition to the setup of my blog, I tried to make my blog as interactive, interesting, and relatable as possible by carefully selecting topic I know I would be interested to read if I was the reader. For this reason, I chose to focus on fun examples of media, such Disney movies, fashion, art, and even good old fashion 80’s icons.

However, if I was to look through each of my posts and choose a favorite, hands down I would choose “ Fashion Expression: Feminist Style” for several reasons. Not only did, I highlight how fashion can be used as a tool for feminism empowerment, but I also incorporated a good amount of outside resources as academic research. In my opinion, if I was to do this blogging assignment over again, the one thing I would have changed is the amount of research I could have used. Although I used several examples of media, respectable quotes form people, and book citations I still think it wasn’t enough.

All in all, I am very proud of the work I have done as a whole. I could only hope people enjoyed  reading my blog.


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