Stuck in the Eighties: Tina Turner

December 2, 2011 astridmartin1116

Now that this blog assignment is coming to an end, I decided to surf through the net and browse through other people’s blogs. One that caught my attention was “Stuck in the 80’s” by Steve Spears. Okay I know exactly what you’re thinking? Why did I choose to write about a blog that was written by a man especially when my blog is centered around the idea of feminism and pop culture. Well, that is a good question. With my obsession for the eighties, I intended to peek into the blog for just a few seconds, until I saw an interesting post celebrating Tina Turner’s achievements and her 72 years of living. (‘ Turner turns 72: ‘This is Thunderdome, and death is listening’)

Tina Turner

From 80’s hair bands, all the way to great 80’s movies, it seems simply necessary for Tina Turner to be included into the mix. Although many remember Tina as the middle aged woman with the big hair and short outfits, this blog post celebrates Turner as not only an  influential 80’s icon, evident through Spears demonstration of one of Tina Turner’s famous performances as 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, but also a successful  woman.  In fact, Tina Turner has been nominated for best female vocal pop performance. Not many people, let alone many women, can say this.

Despite how short and concise Steve Spears leaves each of his posts, I  was still able to understand why I love Tina Turner. Not only is she illustrated as a strong women of the decade, but Tina Turner is one of my favorite singers of all time, I’m emphasizing the word is because without fail she is still performing her active concerts for her fans, Not many 72 year old women are able to say this, let alone have the stamina to do so. The video below is evidence of that.

All in all, Tina Turner is a great example of feminism. No matter what age she is, or even gender in this matter, she allows herself to express herself through interesting forms of fashion and continue the one thing she loves-to entertain. Tina Tuner is one of the few entertainers that has able to spand her singing career for as long as fifty years. Talk about true passion, talent, and commitment.


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