Artistic Feminist on Campus: Julianne Russo

November 11, 2011 astridmartin1116

When people imagine feminism, rarely do we picture our own peers, especially people close to our age.  I must admit, I myself am guilty of falling into this trap. However, this all changed on Thursday night as I browsed through The Panther website.

As I was surfing the website trying to inform myself with the recent events that occurred on campus, I came across an article about Julianne Russo, a Chapman art major. Reading this , I was interested in wondering what made her special  as a Chapman art student. I mean, there are so many other art majors on campus. What made her stand out from the pack? One word: passion.

Ever since she was a little girl , she was surrounded by many creative minds from her grandfather all the way to her scrap-booking loving mother. It seems only natural that she would catch the art bug sometime or another and follow a life of creativity .

In a society where our schools try to shape intelligent doctors and clever lawyers, we often forget about the importance of what art and creativity brings to so many civilians. After all, its ridiculous to believe that everybody was born to be either doctors or lawyers. Am I right? Despite this bias society, Julianne Russo was able to tune off these dream-breaking voices of the world and follow her own heart. For this reason, Julianne Russo is an embodiment of a true feminist.

However, it was not only her passion for art that makes her such a sparkling jewel on campus, but the actions she does with her passion for creativity. This is seen through her efforts of founding the Art Club in Chapman University. With this club, Russo effectively creates a artistic paradise where she can not only be able to share her appreciation for artistic expression, but also meet people with the same interests. Although many people would do this for the mere satisfaction to build ones own resume, Russo did it out of pure love of art. In The Panther, Russo is even stated saying, “I couldn’t imagine not doing this [painting] for the rest of my life,” says Russo. “I always have to be creating something.” From the sound of this, there is no doubt in my mind that Juliane Russo wont succeed in the professional art world. After all, what better way to work than to do something you love.

In my opinion, more people, correction more women, should follow Julianne Russo’s positive attitude. The feminism that Russo embodies proves to us not only on the idea that feminism is acceptable in any age group, but also the importance  of following your passion in life.  Forget about the money and the incentives certain boring jobs provide. If you follow your heart everything will fall into place.


Hamilton, Jadai . “Student artist inspired by family and science – Online Exclusives – The Panther – Chapman University’s Student-Run Newspaper .” The Panther – Chapman University’s Student-Run Newspaper. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Dec. 2011.<;.



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