Fashion Hits with a New Trend

September 16, 2011 astridmartin1116

  Stop! Look at the image above. What is your first response? Before you freak out about Heather Morris’ safety and report this issue to TMZ, I should first mention that there were no Heather Morris’s hurt for this blog, well to be more specific, for Tyler Shield’s fashion photo shoot.

While many people’s perception of fashion are high-waisted skirts, bedazzled stilettos and the occasional smokey eye, the fashion industry has decided to throw another curve ball and start one of the newest trends of the season–the black eye. It’s literally to die for!

After seeing a series of art-directed  fashion shots by celebrity photographer, Tyler Shields, I noticed the large painful purple bruise on the famous Glee actress. Simply seeing this image,  I was very much surprised to figure out that the latest trend in high fashion was in fact domestic violence. Of course these were not the exact words the photographer used to explain his inspiration, but I must admit a black eye should never be used as a trend to promote high fashion.

But don’ worry, there’s more!By the time I came across multiple other layouts where Morris was ‘tied up and drinking from an iron,’ I did not know whether I should have felt either concerned or offended with the message the celebrity photographer was trying to communicate–“a bruised-up [50’s] Barbie shoot.”  Although I understand Shield’s attempt to express his artistic creativity, I find it problematic how Shields glamorizes a dangerous issue in society and display women in a demeaning light. Giving in to controversy may be a great way to attract publicity, but is it really necessary for a photographer, who has so much potential to promote change, to use his artistic powers for evil instead of good?

Just like any form of pop culture, fashion is a form of inspiration for many women, which I must admit is especially true for me. But is it right that celebrity photographers, such as Shields, portray bruises and battered woman as symbols of beauty?

As though size two runway models are not harmful enough for woman’s psyches, people in the fashion industry need to realize that fashion, is a form of inspiration for many girls.  As soon as new trends hit the runway and circulate in fashion magazines, chances are women are going to follow those trends no matter how extreme they might be. Woman may not purposely give themselves bruises, but they are given an idea that it is socially acceptable to be overpowered by people and disrespected. A bruise is a badge of domestic violence not a form of beauty!


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  • 1. seekawareness  |  September 20, 2011 at 4:51 am

    Appalling! I almost cannot believe that domestic violence is what the fashion industry is choosing to highlight, but then again we are talking about an industry that is infamous for the torture its participants withstand; ranging from the outrageously high heels to the obsession on appearance. To me, Shield’s collaboration of domestic violence and the fashion industry is a reminder that in history women have prioritized beauty and been made out to be weak and easily manipulated. I would appreciate some artistic expression like this where the woman is overcoming this stereotype maybe, given that is one that is surely outdated and offensive this day in age. Not to mention outrageously cliché at that. As far as the display at hand, that’s kind of a bold move for the fashion industry to highlight ancient stereotypes like that. Surely many women find it as much of a turn off as I do. But then, once again, I suppose we are talking about an industry that (fairly openly) idolizes traits that are “harmful […] for woman’s psyches.” Regardless, the idea of domestic violence as an advertising tool for women is at the very least utterly disturbing. Thank you for sharing!

  • 2. kimirl  |  September 20, 2011 at 5:45 am

    Wow, I hadn’t realized to what extent violence against women was being glammorized in art. Reading this post even inspired me to do a little research of my own on this topic. Really interesting stuff!

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